We           Our Operators!

Al Temes


 Sonic #1152 LaPlace, LA

My name is Al Temes Jr. I am the General Manager of Sonic in LaPlace, LA. I was born and raised in the New Orleans area and currently reside in Metairie. I celebrated 20 years of marriage with my wife Kim in October of 2020. My daughter Sierra just turned 17 years old and is a senior at Haynes Academy High School as well as a carhop at my drive in. I joined Sonic in October 2019 bringing 30+ years of Food & Beverage experience with me. My team of managers and I are very proud of the superior team of staff we are creating in Laplace. The future success is bright with our team. We look forward to many years of growth in the Laplace community. 

Contact Me at (985) 652-4055


Cody Williams


Sonic #5359

Brusly, LA

Hi, my name is Cody Williams. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA. I manage the Sonic Drive-In in Brusly and have for over four years. My awesome team and I love and look forward to serving our community daily. I love being able to satisfy every customer and see so many smiling faces. When I am not at work I enjoy hanging outdoors, cooking, and music.

Contact Me at (225)636-2426


Jerrick McCastle


Sonic #1915

Baton Rouge, LA

My name is Jerrick McCastle. I am a lifelong resident of Baton Rouge, LA. I have been working with Sonic for over seven years. What I love most about my job is serving friendly faces.  I have grown to know many of my customers by name and have built relationships with them. I take pride in having an awesome and hardworking team as we serve our community while having fun. We work very hard and serve our customers with pride. When I am not working to ensure we are the best, I love spending time cooking with my friends and family, reading books, or working on my car. 

Contact me at (225)293-8181


2110 Jessica.jpg

Jessica Moore


Sonic #2110

Gonzales, LA

My name is Jessica Moore and I am the manger of the Sonic Drive-In of Gonzales on Airline Highway. I am from a tiny town not too far away from my drive in called Maurepas. The drive in I manage today was actually my very first job. I started in 2000 as a carhop. I have held many different titles with Sonic including managing the Dutchtown location for eight years, which I am now an owning partner in. I even supervised several locations before I made my way to my home store. When I am not at my drive in I enjoy different forms of art, especially painting, and spending time with friends and family. I have a wonderful husband and 13-year-old son. 

Shannon Cunningham


Sonic #5282

Geismar, LA

Bio Coming Soon!

Tywanda Jacobs


Sonic #6567

Saint James, LA

My name is Tywanda Jacobs. I'm originally from the New Orleans area. I started with the company in 2014 at the Zachary location. I recently returned to the company. At my store I love the great customers we have. They can be very understanding and nice. The staff is great to work with as well. My goal for this location is to grow sales, interact with the community, and make our location one to talk about in a positive way. If I could choose one menu item to eat all the time it would be the Super Sonic burrito. Outside of Sonic I love spending time with my kids, reading, and watching movies. I also love studying history and criminal justice. I am glad to be with the company and plan on making a positive impact on the brand. 

Crystal Norris


 Sonic #3131

Walker, LA

My name is Crystal Norris and I am the General Manger of Sonic Drive-In of Walker, LA. I was born in Baton Rouge and grew up in Watson, LA. Sonic Drive-In of Walker was my first job at the age of 15. It was always a fun and enjoyable place to work. In 2017, I came back to Sonic as a part time carhop where I worked my way up to GM. I have always enjoyed the fast pace and fun environment that Sonic brings. Although it can be stressful and takes a lot of dedication each week to run a business, my team makes it worth it! They are hard working and dedicated to making our store the best that it can be. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family which includes beach trips, fishing, sports and more! I love being crafty as well which helps me keep my drive in looking great!

Samuel Daigle


Sonic #2367

Gramercy, LA

My name is Samuel Daigle and I am from Thibodaux, LA. I am the general manager of the Sonic of Gramercy and I also serve the Lutcher community. I have been with Sonic for two years and working in restaurants for nine. I joined the company and worked hard to reopen this drive in after being closed for two long years. I am happy to a part of bringing Sonic back to the community. I love Sonic because it has given me the ability to provide stability for my son. Outside of my drive in you will find me in the garden or fishing. I love my team as they have become my Sonic family and we hope that soon we will serve yours.

Sam Shaddinger


Sonic #5642

Gonzales, LA

My name is Sam Shaddinger and Gonzales is home to me and my Sonic. I started Sonic as a carhop in 2014 and worked my way up to Owner.  I love the Sonic brand and working for a company that cares about both their employees and customers. My favorite thing about my role is the opportunity to lead a group of people and encounter with new ones. At G2, we take pride in having a very diverse team and welcoming everyone as they are. Outside of the drive in I enjoy reading and playing guitar. I work hard because I care about each person that walks (or drives!) into my life. I hope to inspire my team by serving others in the drive in and the community.

Kim Walker


Sonic #2940

St. Francisville, LA

My name is Kimberly Walker. I am from Woodville, MS. I have been with Sonic for six years. I truly enjoy the fast paced, dynamic work environment of my drive in. I get to communicate socially with the staff and customers while selling exceptional food. I love to cook at home as well. I love working for a great family-oriented company because here I am treated like family which is how I hope to treat my community.

Angela Ainsworth


Sonic #3247

Zachary, LA

My name is Angela Ainsworth and I am the manager of the Sonic Drive-In of Zachary. I have been with Sonic for 20 years giving great service to the community and working with our Sonic Team. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I'd like to thank the community for supporting us during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Daniel Hall


Sonic #5138

Marksville, LA

My name is Daniel Hall and I'm the manager of the Sonic Drive-In of Marksville. LA. I was born in Lowell, Massachusetts. I have been with Sonic for 15 years making a difference in the community. I enjoy traveling in my free time. 

Mary Sonnier


Sonic #6402

New Roads, LA

My name is Mary Sonnier and I am from Zachary, Louisiana. I have been with Sonic for 24 years. What I enjoy most about my position is that there is never a dull moment, the variety of people, and the employees and customers.

Samul Ball


Sonic #5682

Plaquemine, LA

My name is Samul and I am from Gulfport, MS. I have been with Sonic for 20 years. What I love about Sonic is how unique it is compared to other restaurants. My hobbies are fishing and playing pool.

Elizabeth Shaddinger

General Manager Sonic #6437

Central, LA

My name is Elizabeth and I’ve been with Sonic since 2015. I am from Prairieville, Louisiana and I absolutely love my field of work. What I enjoy most about my drive-in is the teamwork and constant opportunities. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, singing, sewing, and watching movies. We instill leadership skills through teaching and through teaching we learn in return. Working at Sonic provides an endless circle of good qualities, great service, opportunities and good times. The memories I've made here at Sonic will stay in my heart always and forever. 

Kristy Myers


Sonic #5376

Baker, LA

My name is Kristy Myers!  I’m a GM/Owner at the Baker location! I have been a part of the Tucker team since 2005. I was hired in 2005 as a fountain worker and then got promoted to Assistant Manager!  In February of 2010 I got to better my success in the company and become a GM.  I love the Baker location because I grew up in Baker; I also have a lot of customers that make my location a better place! I have customers that have been coming here since 2005, when the location opened!


In my spare time, I love spending time with my 10-year-old daughter Kelsey! She is my whole world! Also, I have two golden retrievers named Kali and Kane! I love to spend time with my family and friends, go bowling, or go out to eat at my favorite restaurants! 

McKinley Ferguson


Sonic #4927

Alexandria, LA

 My name is McKinley Ferguson and I am southern born and west coast raised. I was born here in Louisiana and raised in Los Angeles, California.  I have a great balance of both cultures which makes me an interesting person.  I am a cancer survivor and I have been in remission for 10 years now. Being blessed to beat cancer has given me an "I can do anything" attitude and I bring that to everything that I decide to do. I am not easily rattled or bothered. I enjoy taking on new tasks, swimming, going to the movies, spending time with family, and going to church.       

Breakala Felder


Sonic #6605

Baton Rouge, LA

Bio Coming Soon!

red flavored ops.jpg

Connie Savoie

Sonic #6447
Baton Rouge, LA

 Bio Coming Soon!

Tarsha Miles

Sonic #1689
Baton Rouge, LA

 Bio Coming Soon!